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Windows XP Caution

From: Robert Neff <robert.neff@uaccessit.com>
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 21:32:25 -0600
To: "'WAI \(E-mail\)'" <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>
Message-ID: <000001c1d152$3951cc30$0000a398@uac1>
I am absolutely frustrated with Windows XP and am going back to Windows
2000 Professional.  I have had to rebuild several times and it is still
not right. Good thing is, I am not alone! 
I have a Compaq notebook with XP and spoke to Compaq directly and have
elevated the issues to the CEO's office. I have been told by level 2
support, they do not support any third party software even if it has the
XP logo. The old versions of macromedia, frontpage, ftp and the list
goes on will not work or are buggy and was told these packages are not
to be loaded.  This would include screen readers and any other HTML or
developer tools.  That means the current versions of visio, project,
developer packages etc have to be purchased. Well even when I do not
load these but still load XP certified software it still is buggy.  In
addition, compaq and XP are having major problems with the logitec mouse
- especially the optical - and there is no warnings for the consumer. So
buyer beware!  
Make sure you have plenty of bandwidth for the patches and be aware the
XP and Compaq patches may not work properly.  Lastly, I like the some of
the functionality especially, the "restore" back to a point in time."  I
had to use it when I installed the CD Read Write application and it blew
away my CD drives - gone!  The restore works fine.  Tech support said
this is not uncommon.  
Also, I do not recommend upgrading from XP Home to XP Pro.  It doesn't
work right.  If you need XP Pro, I recommend you buy it that way.
There are some great features in Windows XP but XP and the notebook
original equipment manufactures are not ready for prime time.  Looks
like another Windows ME debacle, but Compaq has to share the blame for
releasing this too.  So beware and check with the original equipment
manufacturer tech support before purchase and get the response in
writing.  This will support your case with the credit card company when
Compaq refuse to refund your money.
So please certify with Compaq that it works with the accessibility
software you need.  This includes 508 compliance tools and Bobby.  Is
JAWS and WINeyes offering a XP certified product.  If anyone is at CSUN,
can you ask?  
Take care, rob
P.S.  My personal thought is Microsoft and third party vendors should
provide free upgrades to XP for their software, but we know that will
not happen.  Unfortunately many people do not realize how much moving to
XP really costs.   Gone are the days of loading software and being
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