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RE: Windows XP Caution

From: Ben Canning <bencan@microsoft.com>
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 20:54:55 -0800
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Actually, this is not correct. Win2K, like XP and all versions of
Windows NT before it never had a scrap of DOS in them. All the NT based
operating systems were built from the ground up as a replacement for the
ancient DOS based stuff (NT stands for New Technology). One of the
focuses of the WinXP release (since it was targeted at consumers, who
tend to have more 'legacy' apps than corporate users) was to ensure a
greater level of compatibility with older software than prior versions
of NT. 


On XP you will find in WinXP a 'Program Compatibility Wizard' (under
Accessories) that allows you to tell WinXP to run a given program as if
it were running on Win9X. This is how I manage to get some of the old
games my daughter loves to work on my XP system.


As for keeping the DOS stuff around, I agree it would have eliminated
some of the migration pain, but Win9X was showing its age. You can't
strap jet engines on an old biplane and expect to have a stable flight.
XP finally provides a solid foundation for us to move forward.


Usual Disclaimer: my views are my own, none of what I say reflects
Microsoft corporate policy. Your mileage may vary...


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P.S.  My personal thought is Microsoft and third party vendors should
provide free upgrades to XP for their software, but we know that will
not happen.  Unfortunately many people do not realize how much moving to
XP really costs.   Gone are the days of loading software and being

       Thing that many people forget is that, whilst 2K had bits and
pieces of DOS left...XP has NONE of that. At ALL. Thus, since a lot of
programmers still used tried-and-true DOS stuff where possible, a lot
doesn't work.:-)

       IMHO, it was a bad idea to scrap DOS totally. Too much legacy
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