Re: Table formatting

A further note regarding my SPEAKROW and SPEAKCELL proposal:

It is intended to supersede the ACSS table properties for the speaking of
headers and cell contents which are defined in section 17.9 of the current
CSS draft. One feature of that draft which I would like to include in my
proposal is the ability to suppress the speaking of a subsequent header if
it is the same as the header of the previous cell. Perhaps this
functionality could be grouped with the parameter for specifying row or
column dominance, into a single property. If column dominance is selected,
SPEAKROW would not be used. Perhaps one could define a property such as:

speakcolumn: [same parameters as SPEAKROW, except that the numbers 1-n
refer to cells in the current column]

I would also like to change my proposed definition of the CELLS variable:
instead of using "n" as the variable which refers to the last cell in the
row, use an asterisk. Thus:
cells(1-*) refers to all of the cells in the row in the order in which
they appear in the HTML source.
cells(*-1) is the reverse of the reading order, and so on.

This change makes the proposal more language neutral and clarifies the
fact that the variable which refers to the last cell in the row is meant
to appear in the actual parameter itself and is not just a variable that I
am creating for the purpose of exposition.

Received on Tuesday, 4 November 1997 01:03:41 UTC