Re: Jon Gunderson: HTML Specifications for Accessibility

The proposed say-before and say-after properties (I am using Al's names)
have my support as well. They are similar in design to my speakrow and
speakcell properties.

In connection with the latter, Al is correct in observing that the HEADER
variable in SPEAKCELL would require the user agent to be able to identify
the headers associated with the current cell (namely the cell which is to
be spoken). Given the HEADERS and SCOPE attributes in HTML, this
requirement should be easily satisfied. The only problem here is that the
solution would be somewhat HTML-specific and may not apply to other
structured document formats such as XML documents, at least without
software support from the user agent and appropriate markup constructs in
the DTD.

Received on Monday, 3 November 1997 17:30:35 UTC