Re: Table formatting

A few clarifications are needed:

Speakrow is a property which applies to each row of the table in turn and
governs the procedure by which it is read. Similarly, Speakcell is a
property that controls the reading of every data cell.


tr { speakrow: cue(bell.aiff), cells(1-n) }
td { speakcell: pause(100%), header, data }

CSS experts: please check the syntax of my examples for correctness and

In my previous messages, I explained that the CELLS variable accepted
numerical parameters as well as the variable "n", which refers to the last
cell in the row (n being the number of cells). I forgot to mention that if
a numerical value is out of range (greater than n), then it should be
taken as referring to cell n.

I hope these remarks deflect certain objections and make it easier to
understand my proposal.

We still need a mechanism to control the reading of tables which are
column rather than row dominant.

Received on Sunday, 2 November 1997 19:36:04 UTC