RE: Is content on hover only a WCAG failure?

But title doesn't show on focus for mouse users (except on IE/Edge with recent windows) so the text is not available to most keyboard users. However, in this example it is not a problem as the title element is not really providing any content which is useful.
[Steve] Following that logic through to technology independence, that means you feel a custom tooltip using the onmouseover event only is okay in some situations?  Does that not contradict F54?

If I had provided a useful title in this example then it would be a failure except if I could get to that information easily in another way. So again - if content only appears on hover - it is not always a failure. It is not a failure if that information is either useless or easily available in another way for keyboard users.
[Steve] But if I follow the letter of the law in 2.1.1, there is no such exception.  It seems we must decide either the display of hover content is part of the functionality or it isn’t.  If you argue it isn’t then I suppose the question falls to 1.3.1, but again there’s no exception for useless or repetitive information.

Received on Wednesday, 18 October 2017 13:27:50 UTC