Re: Is content on hover only a WCAG failure?

On 18/10/2017 01:26, James Nurthen wrote:
> But title doesn't show on focus for mouse users (except on IE/Edge with 
> recent windows) so the text is not available to most keyboard users. 
> However, in this example it is not a problem as the title element is not 
> really providing any content which is useful.
> If I had provided a useful title in this example then it would be a 
> failure except if I could get to that information easily in another way. 
> So again - if content only appears on hover - it is not always a 
> failure. It is not a failure if that information is either useless or 
> easily available in another way for keyboard users.

As ever... "it depends (tm)". Things need to of course be evaluated in 
their specific context.

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