Re: can we keep all the converation in the issue. - was Re: Keeping SC text in the pull request description

lisa.seeman wrote:
> Can we keep all the discussion in the original issue and not in pull 
> requests
> also the person who submitted the issue can put at the top f the issue 
> the current wording proposal that would be even better.
<chair hat off>
I also like this idea. I think conceptually being able to hold comments 
in the original place makes sense.
However, there are of course times when comments may need to be made 
against the PR. I would see it as the role
of the SC manager to make sure things are in sync as best as possible.
> The SC manager will have to ask the proposer to add the new text but I 
> think that is a small price to pay for tracking. It also means the 
> propose is on top of the current wording
Again, I like this idea.
> to be honest I would rather it was all done in a google doc
This is problematic for some members due to accessibility concerns. We 
are discussing using a wiki as a part of the process also.
We can chat about options on the call.


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