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Hi PatrickThe main point here is not if you like this specific  exception,  but if we can bundle in an implication into a  resolution where it disallows things that were not understood or agreed .  It was not what was discussed and I think a real discussion is  needed before we make a policy that blocks them.

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My concern with having user testing as a means to trigger an exception 
would be that it's a slippery slope. Will other SCs get this type of 
exception? Does this in essence say 
"you as an author MUST follow this SC ... unless you can find 5 people 
that say you not following this SC is fine" 
This suggests to me as a reader that the normative advice in the SC is 
actually quite context-dependent, so perhaps shouldn't be normative 
advice in the first place unless the exact context can be unambiguously 
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