Re: Length of line

Sailesh wrote:
> If that's the reading-order expectation, is the content not marked up incorrectly? 

Hi Sailesh, sort of, Linearise is intended to allow users to override the layout, lineraising it to one column and fitting within the viewport.

There are several ways of accomplishing that, including simply removing CSS, or using an extension/script to linearise the page whilst retaining some styling. (Example [1])

> I am assuming users who require significant magnification are using the necessary AT.

It is important to understand the different between magnification and zoom+reflow. Magnification leads to lots of horizontal scrolling, which makes reading several magnitudes harder (Wayne has been researching this.)

So necessary AT in this scenario is a script or extension to adapt the page layout.

> If all content on the page is properly marked up  so as to expose structure and semantics will that not be sufficient?

It hasn't been, according to pretty much everyone on the LVTF!

Once the principle (i.e. the SC) is in place, there is work to do during the draft stages to test with scripts and flesh out the techniques & failures.

I'm expecting complications like flexbox ordering (a programatic order different from source order) to come into play.




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