RE: We should not separate outt at risk SC

Hi John

I am referring to the draft of wcag 2.1 that is not yet written

The proposal is to have an "at risk section" for any SC that have issues with it and have not passed the consensus that it has met the acceptance criteria.  I think we should just have any these SC in the main part of the draft with the "todo" editors notes. We can  even specify that if these issues are not resolved then these SCs are at risk. 

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Lisa Seeman

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    Hi Lisa,
 The draft in the main section of which document? Would you please provide its URL? Thank you.
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  Hi Folks
  Can we have  any "at risk" SC  placed in the draft in the main section with an editors note with the issues that need to be addressed. I do not think they should be a separate "at risk " section.
  Firstly it is not necessary in a first working draft. This high speed processing of SC does not make it easy to resolve trick issues, and what is needed is time and effort. 
  However if they are in a section at the end they will look downgraded, the readers will ignore them, when in fact they are the very SC that we need feedback for. 
  All the best

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