RE: We should not separate outt at risk SC

I agree that it is too early to call things at risk

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   Can we have  any "at risk" SC  placed in the draft in the main section with an editors note with the issues that need to be addressed. I do not think they should be a separate "at risk " section.
 [Jason] I thought the prevailing view was that “at risk” wouldn’t be the right concept to use at this early stage of development.
 I don’t mind how the editors decide to distinguish proposals that are known to be problematic from those which are on track for inclusion, but I think the distinction should be drawn in the draft so that reviewers can comment and, potentially, help by suggesting solutions. I also agree with Gregg that the problems identified with proposals should be noted (e.g., it isn’t reliably testable in its current form, it might not apply to all Web content, it’s too vague/ambiguous as written, etc.).
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