Important - we need consensus on what is sufficient support

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We urgently need consensus on what is sufficient support. This will help us know what we can put to pull request and what we need to rewrite (we may need to rewrite for other reasons but that is a diffrent issue)

For example for personalization (issues #6) we have
 1. an editors draft that is reasonably mature of the semantics. (at for now let us assume it will be a working draft by the time WCAG 2.1 gets to CR.
2. An open source script for an implementation that any author can import into their page to enable personalization in any browser) It has some old semantics but it is being refracted now and that should be done by the end of february - see
3. We have volunteers working on a free, open source browser extension for chrome so the user can apply personalization to any page using the semantics - that should be done by the end of march. It would have three  personalization skins for different types of users. 

We also have two industry partners who intend to implement it, but these solutions may be closed. We also have an EU project (SMART4MD) who are designing an APP for people living with dementia who will be compatible with it. (work started over a year ago)

What else exactly do we need for the group to feel we met the minimum bar.

Note that I am sure we all want a lot more implementations. But it will be easier to get implementations when we are in WCAG. What we need to know is what is the minimum. 

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Received on Monday, 6 February 2017 20:17:22 UTC