Re: Should we require labels to be always visible?

On 07/01/2017 14:50, Marla Runyan wrote:
> Glenda,
> I totally agree:
>   * A placeholder alone in a form field does not qualify as a label for
>     sighted users because it is not always present. Note: A placeholder,
>     then supplemented by a label (even if the label does not visually
>     appear until after the user focuses on the field) is enough to pass
>     - so long as a label is always programmatically associated.
> BUT - What if the placeholder text is styled to meet contrast specs
> (4.5:1) and is also styled to remain visible until the user begins
> typing - would placeholder text under these conditions qualify as a
> visible label when a programmatic label is also present?

No because once something has been entered in the field, there is no 
more visible text acting as a label present for sighted users who are 
not using AT.

Contrast is orthogonal to this discussion, as it's a separate issue.

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