RE: Should we require labels to be always visible?

I think there may be some confusion here…


This discussion at hand that references a ‘NOTE’ is not about a W3C Note document, it is about a NOTE under a SC or a definition in the WCAG 2 spec. So yes, all content in the spec is normative, unless it is under a section that is specifically identified as being Non-Normative…




3) NOTES  cannot add or detract from the normative statement.  They can only explain.    Since the SC below requires as LABEL OR COMPONENT WITH TEXT ALTERNATIVE  there is no requirement for a label in the SC. Just EITHER a label  OR  a component with text alternative.      So Note 1 is not a requirement — it is simply a description of what the word label means - for those who are confused. 



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*  +1 to Jonathan's interpretation/recommendation.


For the record below is the definition which is marked normative



 <> text or other component with a  <> text alternative that is presented to a user to identify a component within Web  <> content

Note 1: A label is presented to all users whereas the  <> name may be hidden and only exposed by assistive technology. In many (but not all) cases the name and the label are the same.

Note 2: The term label is not limited to the label element in HTML.



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Hi Patrick,


Notes are non-normative:

Working Group Note, Interest Group Note (NOTE)

A Working Group Note or Interest Group Note is published by a chartered Working Group or Interest Group to provide a stable reference for a useful document that is not intended to be a formal standard, or to document work that was abandoned without producing a Recommendation.




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On 06/01/2017 19:00, Gregg C Vanderheiden wrote:

3) NOTES  cannot add or detract from the normative statement.  They can
only explain.

So notes are non-normative? I seem to recall being told (quite a few months ago, on this list) that notes are which is it?

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