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If this is true then what is the value of the SC?

 we are in effect saying
"The few targets That qualify HAVE to be larger or people can’t use them, but it’s okay if the vast majority of the targets on the page do not qualify. It is not important for people to be able to access those. Those can be small and the person can still use them fine (for some reason we don’t state)  OR   people don’t need to access links in text.

 The logic of this SC  completely escapes me. Either everything needs to be large in order for the person to use it or else nothing needs to be large because the person can use the smaller links in text so they can also use the other targets if they are the same size.
[Jason] Gregg well articulates my concern with this proposal, which I expressed (and, as I understand it, some other participants supported) at the meeting on Tuesday.
I said at the meeting that I could live with the inclusion of the proposal in a public working draft, with a note to reviewers pointing out that the exceptions tend to undermine the benefits of the proposal and calling for comments addressed to this issue.

I would also point out that supporting inclusion of the proposal in a public working draft with a note to reviewers does not entail that I would support WCAG 2.1 proceeding to Candidate Recommendation without addressing my concerns about the scope of the exceptions in this proposal.


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