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> I think we need things that are specific 'checks' but are not SCs.
> So still use Principle > Guideline > [Something]
> In old-school usability terms, these would be 'heuristics', which are more about
> 'appropriateness'  than an SC. But heuristics isn't a very good term, perhaps
> 'checks'?
[Jason] While I agree with Michael that this discussion should be considered as part of the Silver development process rather than for WCAG 2.1, the idea is worth exploring further. How would these "checks" or "heuristics" relate to the conformance arrangements of a hypothetical future specification?

In an earlier discussion, I suggested one possibility: to establish design process requirements. Gregg rightly pointed out that such requirements would not be reviewable without cooperation between the entity claiming conformance and the reviewer. I don't think this is necessarily fatal to the idea.

If the heuristics were non-normative, we would then run the risk of creating genuine confusion by mixing normative and non-normative material in the same sections of a single document, or by making the normative and non-normative aspects appear to be too similar to each other (i.e., quasi-success criteria that really aren't).

I'm sure there are other possibilities of which I'm not aware for integrating this idea.


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