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> Common words
> Provide words or phrases from a public core vocabulary <>; or the most common 1500 words or phrases (including word roots); or word, phrases or abbreviations that are the most-common form to refer to the concept in a public word frequency list for the identified context. 

I do not think that this is possible.  I have spent year looking at this first in the 1990s and again in 2000’s.   I love the idea but see no way to do it.     It just isnt feasible.  

There have been a number of other posting saying the same. 

I have seen no answer to any of these postings that leads me to believe that there was any answer to the questions and problems raised. 

Until there is — not matter how nice this would be — we cannot have a provision that is based on wishes and not reality. 

Sorry to be blunt — but unless you can show that most any site provided to you can be reworded by an average web author into one that can meet this — we cannot have such a provision at any level other than AAA. 

I know that this does not apply to the whole site - but only to 

error messages that require a response to continue, 
labels and 
navigational elements 

But even those elements use words that are outside of any 1500 word vocabulary

If we are going to put something like this forward we should be able to show how it can be done on any page 
For a sample to start with - try rewording all of those elements on these
a banking website



PS  also need a definition of Navigation elements?   Does this include Links? 

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