Request for Review and Comment: Confirm Important Information (Issue #33)


We have been working on Issue #33 and after a number of revisions believe we are nearing completion.  We have limited time on the call so I would like to get a sense of where this stands with the broader group.

Please respond with a +1 if you feel this is ready to go or send suggested changes or concerns to this list.

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The purpose of this SC is to provide users with a chance to review the data they input before they complete a transaction.  We feel that validation and other automatic error checking is covered in other SC but that some errors can only be caught by user review. Examples of errors that can't be caught by a machine include when a user picks Berlin, New Hampshire instead of Berlin, Germany or when the button is hit twice and the final count in a purchase is higher than intended. This SC should codify what is already common practice on most sites by requiring a site present a summary of the information for review before the user commits.

This SC has gone through a number of iterations as we have compared it with other suggested SC and existing SC.  Feel free to look at the current text on rawGIT<> or the history and discussion<> but I've pasted the text below for ease of viewing

SC Title: Confirm Important Information

Level: A

Where a user is required to enter data to complete a transaction, a read-only summary of the data is provided so the user can confirm the final information before submission.

Note: Log-ins and single, simple text field transactions are exempt.

Proposed New Definition

Transaction: An exchange of information between individuals or groups

Received on Friday, 12 May 2017 22:07:56 UTC