Re: Adding the word "meaning"?

Hi Josh, Alastair, and all,

Josh wrote:
> Sorry for the late reply - I think the use of 'content' is too open here.
> I don't think that conveys meaning either - even if in our glossary of
> definitions
> we may state that this is the case.
> So I do suggest adding meaning to the SC text - in order for it to be
> clear/explicit.
> IMO, this would also support the kind of use cases that Wayne was
> talking about.

Understood. Thanks for the explanation, Josh.

Alastair wrote:
> In the current iteration (without the font-bullet) this SC is all about
> colours and spacing, where the semantics are not a factor.

Good point. If/when we add a font bullet back, we could add the word "meaning".


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Laura L. Carlson

Received on Friday, 21 April 2017 14:59:15 UTC