Re: Adding the word "meaning"?

Josh wrote:
>  I do suggest adding meaning to the SC text - in order for it to be clear/explicit.
IMO, this would also support the kind of use cases that Wayne was talking about.

In the current iteration (without the font-bullet) this SC is all about colours and spacing, where the semantics are not a factor.

If & when the font bullet is added, we need to address Patrick’s point that there is no normative thing in a spec to say that icons (implemented in a background or before/after pseudo selectors) need a role.

I.e. We can create a technique that says “Use a role of image on an element containing only a font-icon”, but there is nothing in HTML/ARIA to point to. For example, for 1.3.1 we point to HTML for headings, for 4.1.1 we point to ARIA for tree menus.

My question from that thread is still open: Where would be an appropriate place to include something about font-icons? A note in HTML? (CCing the mighty SteveF in hope of a pointer.)


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