Re: SC #78 'Adapting text', and a question regarding consensus on icon fonts

Detlev wrote:
> So would this basically be a technique *for users* who would have to update any custom stylesheets they may be using by working in this exception for elements with role=img?

Yes, but it has to work both ways, this would also be a sufficient technique for the new SC. I.e. if you use font icons that are problematic when fonts are replaced, then it musts be marked up appropriately.

It would also need to be included as something in the testing text (understanding doc), and recommended for user-agent side solutions.

>  I guess there is nothing authors can do to safely exempt icon fonts from any manipulation by user style sheets that fail to cater for icon fonts this way, correct?
Correct, but if this is a known thing included in the techniques and understanding document, there is a viable solution.



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