Re: SC Managers and success criteria review

I've done that for the 63 Success Criteria proposals

Except it was not a thumbs up/down. It is 8 checkboxes next to each SC for
each of the Acceptance Criteria. In order to publish, I suggest the SCs
need to meet this minimum bar.

In the details tab. There are now 9 new columns with "Yes" in the
corresponding cells

1) Disproportionate Barrier for PWD
2) Testable
3) Condition not method
4) WCAG Structure
5) Backward Compatible
6) Applies to all content
7) All Technologies
8) Not Covered in WCAG 2
9) Implementable

The Summary page has a list of all those that seem to meet these currently.

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On Wed, Dec 14, 2016 at 7:30 PM, Alastair Campbell <>

> As Josh said the first action for people is to pick one or two SCs to
> manage.
> For those quick off the mark, I'd suggest the second action is to review a
> few other SCs from the list? Just an initial thumbs up, or questions /
> comments.
> I did about half the MATF ones in about 3 hours tonight, they varied in
> time depending on complexity, but it was interesting to go through.
> To spread it out between people, I suggest sorting by least activity:
> sort%3Acomments-asc
> Once each has a few comments, we'll get a better idea of the shape of
> things...
> Cheers,
> -Alastair
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> From: Joshue O Connor <>
> Sent: 13 December 2016 17:48
> To: WCAG
> Subject: SC Managers and success criteria review
> Hi all,
> On the call today we further discussed the role of the 'SC Manager'. The
> group members on the call were happy with this direction.
> In a nut shell - the SC manager will drive the development, the iteration,
> acceptance, or deletion of a candidate SC. You can find out more here, as
> well as sign up for an SC yourself if you are interested in taking up this
> work. [1]
> Thanks to those who have already signed up.
> Comments/questions welcome!
> Thanks
> Josh
> [1]

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