FW: programmatically determined

Per  comments on last survey and Team A discussion   the programmatically
determined definition has changed. 
-  removed standard since its definition came down to "supported" and we
already had that  -  removed free since whether someone charged user agents
to use their technology does not materially affect cost to users and could
result in much better user agents. 
programmatically determined 

determined by software from data provided in a publicly documented and
user-agent supported manner. 

Note: Publicly documented here means that documents are available in a free
and accessible manner to the public, including availability on the Web. 

Note: User-agent supported here means that user agents and assisted
technologies support the method for extracting and presenting this
information. One of the factors that should be considered before adding a
technology to a baseline would be the availability of affordable user agents
and assisted technologies which support the technology.



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