Fixing 4.1

The 4.1.2  (through 5 ) Success criterion all deal with basically the same
thing.   And only those who create special UI elements need to deal with any
of them.


In addition - the solution to all of them is basically the same also.  (e.g
use the standard components.  Or use standard API)


  So I think we are best off talking about them as one Success criterion.


Here is a proposal to do this.  





4.1.2          The name, role, perceivable properties, and relationships of
user interface components can be programmatically determined, their
user-settable values can be programmatically set, and notification of
changes is available. 


Note: For most markup languages (e.g. HTML) and some other technologies,
these capabilities are provided automatically if authors use standard

Note: Focus and selection are included in user settable values.




This would replace







If adopted I will merge the How To Meet (which are still under development)
in time for the Wed Survery





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