Reworking 1.1

In closing out the issues I found that there were several 1.1 issues that we
did not address yet


1)       All CAPTCHA except logic puzzles are currently outlawed by our
guidelines.  Logic puzzles are a problem for cognitive and also for CAPTCHA
developers since you can't generate a large enough set that they can't be
cataloged and handled by robots.

2)       Sensory tests  (visual test or exercises, auditory tests or
exercises)  (e.g. colorblindness tests)

3)       Spelling test  (do you need to caption or provide transcripts for
audio files used in spelling tests?)

4)       There is a visual representation of a hurricane showing the
direction of air follow throughout.   Where an obstruction is encountered
the flow directions distort all around the obstruction.   This is
presentation of information with non-text content - but it is not possible
to present this in a text alternative.  We have no exception for this.  Only
for functional non-text content.

5)       Some non-text content is both informational and functional.  

6)       We currently have an SC under "Guideline 1.1 Provide text
alternatives for all non-text content." that doesn't involve providing
alternate text.



To address all these I have reworked the L1 SC to cover these issues. 



Guideline 1.1 Provide text alternatives for all non-text content.


1.1.1 For all non-text content, one of the following is true:


*         If non-text content presents information or responds to user
input, text alternatives serve the same purpose and present the same
information as the non-text content. If that is not possible, text
alternatives identify the purpose of the non-text content; 


*         If non-text content is multimedia, live audio-only, live
video-only, a sensory-stimulus specific test or exercise, or primarily
intended to convey a sensory experience, text alternatives identify the
non-text content with a descriptive label. (For multimedia -see also,
Guideline 1.2)


*         If non-text content is an automated Turing test, different forms
are provided to accommodate multiple disabilities.


*         If non-text content is purely decorative or used solely for visual
positioning, it is implemented such that it can be ignored by assistive




It is all in one SC because two of the four cannot stand as separate SC
under the guildeline.


For the reasons for the rest of the changes - see the 6 issues above. 


I will put this out to survey in a bit.


If this looks ok - I will rework the How to Meet docs.


(this also removes a large amount of redundancy from the HTM docs 

They will now fall into one - and the parallel presentation makes it much
easier to explain what to do. 






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