RE: Open Issue 486 - Synchronization WCAG with ACCLIP Specifications


Is this sufficient to address this person's comment?  We don't necessarily
have to produce a synchronization report.  But can someone who is familiar
with ACCLIP tell me if we are out of synch?

Q:  Are we out of synch with ACCLIP?

Thanks very much. 


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I agree with John.

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    Gregg asked:
    I would also suggest synchronizing WCAG guidelines with components of
    the IMS ACCLIP specifications.
    Anyone got any comments on this one?
    The closest we get to this is the following example from How to Meet
    3. An e-learning application.
    An online course about Spanish cultural history includes a unit on
    Moorish architecture. The unit includes text written for students with
    different reading
    abilities. Photographs and drawings of buildings illustrate
    architectural concepts and styles. Graphic organizers are used to
    illustrate complex relationships,
    and an audio version using synthetic speech is available. The metadata
    for each version describes the academic level of the content and
    includes a readability
    score based on formulas developed for Spanish-language text. The
    learning application uses this metadata and metadata about the students
    to provide versions
    of instructional content that match the needs of individual students.
    I had the IMS Learner Information Profile in mind when I wrote this
    example, but didn't mention it by name; we could add it to the Resources
    section for 3.1.5 (I think I had included it in some draft for 3.1 last
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