RE: 09 March 2006 Minutes (complete)

We captured it - for use when we start up again.    It isn't recorded
because there wasn't any consensus on it.  It was just the last suggestion
made before we ran out of time.



RE simultaneously - there never was any problem with delivery.  It was the
'rendered simultaneously' that causes the problem.  In the example we cited,
content may be rendered sequentially or in other non-simultaneous manners
and that should not be excluded - but is in the DI definition.  In fact the
different parts of the Web units we want to cover may not even be present on
the users machine at the same time if the secondary resources are fetched
sequentially as they are rendered and then discarded before other later
resources are fetched. 



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Ben (or anyone else), the minutes don't reflect the last phrasing for
Programmatically Determined which we had just started discussing.  I think
it was pasted into the IRC.  I don't see that in the minutes, is it in the

I am working from memory here, but I was about to point out that the word
"significant" implied functional for assistive technology, so we didn't
*really* take AT out of the definition like we thought.

It is a bit too late, but I believe the main objection, use of the word "
simultaneously" (instead of maybe just "together",  to the DI definition for
Web Page may be misplaced.

Web Page:  A collection of information, consisting of one or more resources,
intended to be rendered simultaneously, and identified by a single Uniform
Resource Identifier.  More specifically, a web page consists of a resource
with zero, one, or more embedded resources intended to be rendered as a
single unit, and referred to by the URI of the one resource which is not

That is, "rendered simultaneously" not "delivered simultaneously".

simultaneous:  (1) Happening, ***existing***, or done at the same time.  See
Synonyms at contemporary.

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Minutes from today's meeting are available at:

Please let me know if you spot any errors or omissions.


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