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Ben (or anyone else), the minutes don't reflect the last phrasing for Programmatically Determined which we had just started discussing.  I think it was pasted into the IRC.  I don't see that in the minutes, is it in the Wiki?

I am working from memory here, but I was about to point out that the word “significant” implied functional for assistive technology, so we didn’t *really* take AT out of the definition like we thought.

It is a bit too late, but I believe the main objection, use of the word “ simultaneously” (instead of maybe just “together”,  to the DI definition for Web Page may be misplaced.

Web Page:  A collection of information, consisting of one or more resources, intended to be rendered simultaneously, and identified by a single Uniform Resource Identifier.  More specifically, a web page consists of a resource with zero, one, or more embedded resources intended to be rendered as a single unit, and referred to by the URI of the one resource which is not embedded.

That is, “rendered simultaneously” not “delivered simultaneously”.

simultaneous:  (1) Happening, ***existing***, or done at the same time.  See Synonyms at contemporary.

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Minutes from today's meeting are available at:

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