RE: 4.1 work in progress

My immediate reaction is, if we say a name is an ID, why not just use
the term ID? An important difference between those two terms in HTML is
that ID is required to be unique, and is not required to be user
comprehensible, while name does not have to be unique (in some cases
such as radio buttons it must not be unique), and while it has a
slightly greater tendency to be user comprehensible I don't know if
that's really relevant to its function. I think the terms should be used
carefully in light of this difference. While some languages may use the
term "name" where HTML (and XML languages) would use "id", I think it
will be easiest for us to generalize that to "id". Michael



Name - is a user comprehensible ID for a component.   A widget on a
screen may not have a label - or the label may be an icon.  But it must
have a name attribute that is attached to it.  


Received on Wednesday, 8 March 2006 17:24:39 UTC