Web Pages (including Web Applications)

Hi All,


 We just settled on Web pages (and other primary resources) when we
discovered today that this doesn't work.


A Web pages is "a primary resource and all of the secondary resources
intended to be rendered together)"


The phrase  "other primary resources" would have to be extended to in our
definition to 

"Web pages (and other primary resources with their secondary resources
intended to be rendered together)."


Clear this doesn't work.  


Otherwise we are saying something like    "humans and other Anglo Saxons"
The second part is a subset of the first - not 'another".





We change to 

Web Pages (including Web Applications)


This will give us a term with two parts that both make sense


We went to the Web Applications Working Group site and it says its scope it 

Client side applications 


In our definition of "Web Pages (including Web Applications)" 

we can make it clear we are talking about Web Apps that are client side - or
the client side of them. 




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