Here is a definition of content from an ISO standard draft




information to be communicated to the user by means of a Web application
that is presented by text, images, video or other types of media



We had said earlier that content was more than just the information - that
it was the presentation too.  But I wonder...   


The questions seem to be

-          If there is no information is it content?

-          Are pure sensory experiences content?

-          Are sensory experience and other non-informative parts of web
pages content.

-          If they are not content - could we still talk about them in our
guidelines on content

o        I think we could - because we are differentiating them from

o        We also don't require text alternatives for things that contain no
information or meaning so...

-          Are web applications the only way to convey this information?
Is this the wrong use of that term?

o        Should this be user agents?

-          Should it be limited to media? 



Maybe content is





information to be communicated to the user by means of a user agent that is
presented by structure, layout, text, images, video, scripts or other


Just thinking aloud and looking for harmonization. 






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