Re: New Caption Definition - please comment

Also in iraly we use always "subtitle" for both.

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    Hello Gregg,
    In Japan, both subtitles and captions are translated into the same word
    "Ji maku" in general. On the other hand, each word can be used by
    Katakana as is without being translated. We use Katakana for a word of
    foreign origin. It'll work for "Subtitles" and "Captions".
    But we need to add the brief explanation such as "Subtitles (dialog only)"
    and "Captions (dialog and sounds and possibly speaker ID)" in the
    document in order to avoid the confusion. The difference between "Subtitles" and "Captions"
    is not known well in Japan. We tend to confuse them.
    On Sun, 26 Feb 2006 15:35:35 -0600
    "Gregg Vanderheiden" <> wrote:
    > What other countries use the English word "subtitle" or "caption"
    > I presume they have their own words and it would be chauvinistic to say that
    > they use these words when they use translations of them.
    > If they do indeed use these words - we could change it.  just didn't want to
    > cross the line and  didn't know of any others that used the terms.
    > Everyone- 
    > Please let me know for your country
    > What word do you use for 
    > Subtitles   (dialog only)
    > Captions    (dialog and sounds and possibly speaker ID)   
    > Thanks.
    > Gregg
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    > I will love to remove the name of the countries using a more general note:
    > NOTE: In some countries the term "subtitle" is used to refer to captions. In
    > other countries "subtitle" is used for dialog only, and captions is used as
    > the term for dialog plus sounds and sometimes speaker identification. 

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