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Building on Yvette's contribution, how about we do the following


1)      Add the phrase  "where time-out is essential" to  the fourth bullet
under 2.2. 

2)      Change the definition of real time event to:  



"Real world events that are occurring at the same time as the viewing and
are not recorded or generated by the content."  


For referenced that the provisions would look like:

 2.2.1 For each time-out that is a function of the content, at least one of
the following is true: [
tml#time-limits-required-behaviors> How to meet 2.2.1] 

*         the user is allowed to deactivate the time-out or; 

*         the user is allowed to adjust the time-out over a wide range which
is at least ten times the length of the default setting or;

*         the user is warned before time expires and given at least 20
seconds to extend the time-out with a simple action (for example, "hit any
key") and the user is allowed to extend the timeout at least 10 times or;

*         the time-out is an important part of a real-time event  where
time-out is essential to the activity (for example, an auction), and no
alternative to the time-out is possible or;

*         the time-out is part of an
<> activity
where timing is essential (for example, competitive gaming or time-based
testing) and time limits can not be extended further without invalidating
the activity.


2.2.4 Except for real-time events
<> ,
timing is not an essential part of the event or activity presented by the
content. [
tml#time-limits-no-exceptions> How to meet 2.2.4]



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