RE: BIG ISSUE -- re Delivery Units

Where is the writeup that explains exactly what the DI group meant by these
terms.  The definition clearly fits what we want.  But it may, as Jason
points out, mean something quite different than its definition seems to
imply.  (or another way to interpret the definition).

I tried to look through the DI docs for Authored Units - and I don't find
any occurances of the term in connection with breaking up an authored unit
to create delivery units.

Instead I found 
    The act of dividing up one or more authored units, or an aggregated
authored unit, during creation of a set of perceivable units appropriate for
a particular delivery context.

Given the perceivable units are only created by user agents (e.g. at the
users end)- it would appear that this breaking up occurs after delivery.

Authored units MAY be authored to be different delivery units. Even
different primary resources.  But I think that still fits many of our
guidelines quite well. 

So maybe a combination of the terms

1) Authored unit
2) primary resource
3) delivery unit  

Also note that the definition of WEB PAGE is rather ideal -- but it implies
a page - so is limited not by its definition but by the common understanding
of the word page.

Web Page
    A collection of information, consisting of one or more resources,
intended to be rendered simultaneously, and identified by a single Uniform
Resource Identifier.
    More specifically, a web page consists of a resource with zero, one, or
more embedded resources intended to be rendered as a single unit, and
referred to by the URI of the one resource which is not embedded.
    This term was developed from the definition of web page in Web
Characterization Terminology & Definitions Sheet.

Would meet the various needs of our guidelines.    IT would be nice if we


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On Tue, Feb 14, 2006 at 10:59:57AM -0500, Tim Boland wrote:
> The definition of "authored unit" from Device Independence Glossary [1]
> "Some set of material created as a single entity by an author. 
> Examples include a collection of markup, a style sheet, and a media 
> resource, such as an image or audio clip"
As I remember, one of the problems in the WCAG context was that some of the
success criteria had to apply to the units delivered to the user agent,
rather than those created by the author.

The materials created by the author may be split up, combined with others in
various ways and transformed by server-side processes before ultimate
delivery to the user-agent. As I remember, it was decided that WCAG
guidelines should apply to what was sent out to the user-agent rather than
to whatever form the content was in when created by the author.

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