RE: BIG ISSUE -- re Delivery Units

> The term Web Page (which I would dearly love to use)
> isn't sufficient because of example 2 in the definition.

>> Example 2:  An interactive movie like shopping environment 
>> where the user navigates about and activates products to 
>> have them demonstrated, and moves them to cart to buy them.

Browser Page (or User Agent Page) as well as "web document" (or a compound phrase like "web document or web application") covers example 2 without having to invent whole new terms, nor having try to explain what is meant by "unit".

I have read all the excellent subsequent comments.  I think I prefer the idea of using pages always in quotes over trying to define a whole new term.

> The goal is to replace "delivery unit" throughout with "Web Unit".

Understood.  Is the plan to strike all three (delivery/perceivable/authored unit) completely, or might they still appear in the glossary?

> So the D U term in content would be replaced as well. 

Right, but assuming we are get rid of three, a straight substitution reads:

Content:  Information in the web unit that is used by the user agent to generate web units.  This includes the code and markup that define the structure, presentation, and interaction, as well as text, images, and sounds that convey information to the end-user.

So again, I suggest it might be instructive to define content without referencing Web Units.

The most recent definition of Web Unit is nice in that it doesn't reference content.  It does, however, introduce the new undefined term "resource".  This begs the question, Why not use "resource" (or web resource) everywhere that delivery unit now appears?

Received on Thursday, 9 February 2006 13:38:40 UTC