RE: technique to overcome meaningful link text

I like the overall approach especially if it helps us not have to water
down the meaningful link text requirement. I hate images of text, but an
alternate technique (both would be valid of course) would be to have
supplementary text inside the link, in a <span>, with CSS making it
invisible visually but still accessible to screen readers. That is
similar conceptually to using the "title" attribute to clarify the link,
though it might work somewhat better in today's user agents.


Anyway, that is three techniques now that can permit the desired "brief"
design on graphically contextualized pages while still implementing a
requirement for clear link text. So I'll second David's suggestion that
this be considered as evidence that the success criterion does not need
to be changed and watered down.





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This is a proposed technique for how to create meaningful link text for
SC 2.4.5. when there is an array of links to multiple versions of the
same content. I hope this overcomes the exception for arrays of links. 


1)       Create images of text that say "HTML", "PDF", "XML" etc.

2)       Create links from the images of text to the corresponding

3)       Create "alt text" using meaningful descriptions of the
corresponding destinations for each of the images.

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