Proposal for Drafting committee

 Dear working group participants.


We are making good progress but it is taking a lot of time to build all
these individual technique docs.    More to the point I have had a number of
people comment that they would like to contribute but the particular items
assigned don't match their area of expertise.   Also, the sheer editorial /
mechanical process of creating all the technique documents from scratch is
using up much time that people would like to be using for content.   


We have been looking at a number of ways to address these issues and we
would like to propose something.    If the whole working group agrees, we
would like to suggest that a drafting committee be formed of the editors and
a few other volunteers who are willing and able to devote a few days to
writing and editing tasks to help us move forward.  The drafting committee
would gather and create initial drafts of as many of the technique docs as
they can in a 4 day marathon.  These would be drafts - not final versions of
anything.    After the 4 day drafting marathon ends, the drafts then pass
back to the full working group.


The working group participants can then pick up the gauntlet again, focusing
on those parts that need fixing, that weren't completed, and that need more
in depth work.   In particular, this would allow working group members to
focus on those techniques where they have interest or expertise rather than
doing drafting of techniques that are outside of their expertise.  .


We think that this would be a more efficient use of the expertise of the
working group.


We'd like to discuss this proposal today and then send out to the full
working group for a consensus call.   If the whole working group agrees then
we will probably do it in the next 10 days or so.    We will do it in
Madison.  If you are interested in being in the drafting marathon group let
us know. 




Gregg and John



Received on Thursday, 12 January 2006 18:57:56 UTC