RE: Bug 1649 Definition of "Programmatic Reference"

Andrew Kirkpatrick says:

>>>How about "hyperlinks and other programmatic references"?

I support this amendment to 2.4.5. Then we could define programmatic
reference in the glossary using one of the definitions discussed earlier. Or
another definition of Programmatic reference.

.Access empowers people
            .barriers disable them.

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> "After all, web content is 'hypertext' (HTTP: HyperText 
> Transfer Protocol)."

We're including multimedia that may use rtsp or another protocol, so
this is not really true.

> Perhaps we could ask our "non-HTML" technology 
> representatives like Loretta
> (PDF) and Andrew Kirkpatrick (Flash) for some input. Would 
> you folks have any objection to the word "Hyperlink" in 2.4.5?

Yep.  I don't think that it is accurate for an only HTML site all the
time either.  What about a button element or some scripted behavior that
causes a change in the laoded page?  

In Flash and PDF this will be a problem also, we have close analogs to
hyperlinks in both, but there are also buttons and other actions that
are not generally regarded as hyperlinks.  The same is true for SVG and

How about "hyperlinks and other programmatic references"?


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