Fw: a whole new headache?

further thought- every time a bi- directional language switches direction -
it should be tagged. This includes numbers which go from left to right, even
though it does note constitute a brake in natural language.
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Date: Thursday, September 14, 2000 12:04 PM
Subject: a whole new headache?

>A student of mine asked me to look into writing html with a Hebrew which is
>a bi-directional language (so is Arabic).
>>From my research for her Visual Hebrew can be see by browsers on all
>platforms: PC, Mac and X-terminal (UNIX). Logical Hebrew can only be seen
>from a PC.
>Visual Hebrew, the writer (or the converter program) has to take care of
>breaking the lines. So you have to use absolute width with page layout
>tables. If the browser makes break the line by itself, the text will become
>Now for people don't have Hebrew installed on their PC the whole thing is
>gibberish. So you have to have an English version page. But that seems to
>to be, well, a second best.
>A lot of this conflicts with  our guidelines ( absolute width, tables for
>page layout...) and altogether seems to be a big accessibility problem for
>lot of people.
>Have we dealt with all this before I joined? if so were can I read up about
>Or is this a whole new headache?
>Yours, with the Tylenol

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