a whole new headache?

A student of mine asked me to look into writing html with a Hebrew which is
a bi-directional language (so is Arabic).
From my research for her Visual Hebrew can be see by browsers on all
platforms: PC, Mac and X-terminal (UNIX). Logical Hebrew can only be seen
from a PC.
Visual Hebrew, the writer (or the converter program) has to take care of
breaking the lines. So you have to use absolute width with page layout
tables. If the browser makes break the line by itself, the text will become

Now for people don't have Hebrew installed on their PC the whole thing is
gibberish. So you have to have an English version page. But that seems to me
to be, well, a second best.

A lot of this conflicts with  our guidelines ( absolute width, tables for
page layout...) and altogether seems to be a big accessibility problem for a
lot of people.

Have we dealt with all this before I joined? if so were can I read up about

Or is this a whole new headache?

Yours, with the Tylenol

Received on Thursday, 14 September 2000 05:59:09 UTC