RE: Image alt in WAI process intro

I have been following this discussion with interest and I took a fresh look
at the page this morning

I agree with Shadi's suggestion about bringing in the images with CSS.
However I would go further.

For me, the images themselves are confusing and detract from the
comprehension of the content.

If possible I would use CSS to replace the numbers in the ordered list with
prominent stylised text reading " Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, Step 4, Step 5".
Then there is no need for these confusing images at all, because the
stylised text would provide some visual interest.

Indicating progress and change was clearly the idea behind the images, so
why not do it directly. This will work well for everyone, without relying on
a common international interpretation of images that are derived (by
necessity) from a particular cultural perspective.

Brian Hardy
Vision Australia

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> Hello All,
> I agree with Andrew, I think Shadi's solution is a good solution.
> Doyle

I agree with Doyle, Andrew and Shadi. It's just styling.


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