Drafts of Accessibility Metadata


The DC accessibility drafting team have worked feverishly to complete
three documents needed for the AccessForAll approach to accessibility
in ISO. These documents, although worked on by the DC and IMS teams,
as well as others, are more comprehensive than we are expecting for
DC in the immediate future (as DC only will be concerned at this
stage with the metadata for resources). Nevertheless reading them is
recommended as they show the metadata model for AccessForAll

The idea is that a new term, adaptability, will be proposed for DC
and then an application profile will be developed that will match the
ISO documents. They have been constructed with the DC Abstract Model
very much in mind and it is believed it will be relatively easy now
to write the application profile.

The first ISO document is a framework document and shows how
accessibility metadata for all sorts of things can be constructed in
time, but the first concern is digital resources. An example of what
might be next is resources that mix digital delivery with real world
objects, and another is events and their accessibility. Following the
framework is a second part that specifies the description of needs
and preferences for someone who is using digital means to access
digital resources. The third part specifies how the resources need to
be described for users so that their needs and preferences can be

It would really good if these documents could be read and commented
on by a wide range of people. In the ISO context, where they are
currently being processed, only countries can vote on them but all
comments welcome.

The docs are available for public comment:

Individualized Adaptability and Accessibility in E-learning,
Education and Training Part 1: Framework 28 pages
Project Editors: Jutta Triveranus, Libby Neville, Andy Heath

I note that this includes a glossary; I haven't contrasted it with
the one we've worked on.

http://jtc1sc36.org/doc/36N1140.pdf (Personal needs and preferences)  82 pages

http://jtc1sc36.org/doc/36N1141.pdf (Digital Resource Description)

They are open for comment for four months before voting in the ISO
process will take place prior to a meeting in Finland in February
when they should be finalised.

Comments can be sent to this list or posted on the wiki at http:// 


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