A geeky authroing tool requirement

The text of 1.3.1 is very important 
for the output of authoring tools. 
 "Information and relationships 
conveyed through presentation  can be 
programmatically determined."  I know 
the programatically determined term is 
geeky, but it is the bottom line. 
 When Times New Roman 22 pt. is used 
instead of Header 2, one cannot 
identify the context of the content 
automatically and acurately. That 
means that a human must be hired to 
fill in the context that is implied by 
the presentation.

The term programatically determined 
means that usage can be automatically 
identified with 100% accuracy.

The user interface of authoring tools 
should encourage authors to produce 
materials that satisfy this guidline.

When Word creates mixed styles because 
an author uses a named style with a 
slight varient it encourages this 
inaccurate markup for output that 
cannot be fixed mechanically.


Wayne Dick PhD
Chair Computer Engineering and 
Computer Science

Received on Friday, 7 July 2006 15:16:08 UTC