Re: Outreach opportunities for 2006 and 2007: Oviedo, Spain

> In October, W3C Spanish Office is organising an important conference 
> "Web Fundamentals 2006". There are several W3C people scheduled to speak 
> but I don't thin anyone from WAI.

fyi, I keynoted there last year ( ). We did talk with the folks from the Spanish office about including accessibility in the program again this year. I hadn't thought about giving a WCAG 2.0 update there. Although the program is pretty much set, I'll check if it might still fit in somewhere.

Alan, here's an idea: You could contact the speakers and update them on some of the accessibility issues that are "hot" in Spain right now, and encourage them to weave accessibility into their presentations as appropriate. You could point them to the WAI Web site, and especially to a couple of resources that they might want to read as background and to get up-to-date, such as:
	- WCAG 2.0:
	- Background:
	- Background:
	- Resource list:
And encourage them to point to appropriate resources in their presentation materials.

~ Shawn

Received on Friday, 7 July 2006 16:17:42 UTC