EOWG: reply requested, wrapping up Involving Users doc


I completed edits from last Friday's EOWG teleconference to the "Involving Users in Evaluating Web Accessibility" document at:

I think it is now near ready to call Version 1.0 done. The content is all in place and all that is needed is a minor copyedit with a fresh perspective. Next steps for EOWG are:
1. final EOWG review (via e-mail, I hope it won't need another teleconference discussion)
2. EOWG participants in good standing approve document via Call for Review survey form ("WBS")

***REPLY REQUESTED: If possible, I'd like to get step 1 completed by this coming Wednesday and be able to wrap up step 2 the next week. Please reply to this message by Wednesday 5 October stating:
__ I reviewed the document and any comments are included below (or in a separate e-mail)
__ I would like to review the document but can't by Wednesday 5 Oct, I will send comments before Monday 10 Oct
__ I would like to review the document but can't by Monday 10 Oct, please call me to discuss options
__ I pass on reviewing the document

If you have any concerns with this schedule, feel free to contact me or Judy directly.

Before reviewing, please see:

* requested comment format [thanks to all who have been using this format!]:

and note:
- Requirements and Changelog for "Involving Users in Web Accessibility Evaluation"
- links to previous versions, teleconference agendas with review questions, and minutes from teleconferences:
- recent edits start at:


Best regards,
~ Shawn

Received on Saturday, 1 October 2005 23:12:55 UTC