review comments format


When commenting on documents, it is helpful if you include the following for each of your comments:
* priority[1]
* location
* text you are commenting on
* suggested revision
* rationale

For example:

1. simple wording change 
* priority: [suggested]
* location: business case overview, "Developing a Customized Business Case" section (, first paragraph, first sentence
* current wording: "An effective business case focuses on the organization's objectives and motivations."
* suggested revision: ...on the organization's cats and dogs.
* rationale: the phrase "objectives and motivations" could be difficult for non-native-English speakers to understand, and difficult to translate. "cats and dogs" gets across the same point and is more clear & simple wording.

2. next point summary...

[1] This will vary according to the stage of the document. 
For documents that are in final review and approval stages, it is helpful to use [required this version] or [suggested] to indicate if it is an issue that you feel must be addressed before this version is posted, or if it is a suggestion for "editor's discretion" and can be held for consideration for the next version.

~ Shawn

Received on Tuesday, 9 August 2005 22:32:28 UTC