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Upon re-reading the doc, I came up with the following  for you to consider:
1. Ref: For example, take a Web developer who does not know what it is like
to use a screen reader.
Comment: Consider rewording as-
Consider a developer who is unaware that there are individuals who listen to
and interact with Web page content using screen-reading software, or  a
developer who does not know how content  creation and coding  affects the
output of such screen-reading    software.

2. Ref: When Web developers, managers, and other project stakeholders see
people with
disabilities use their Web site, most are highly motivated by a new
understanding of accessibility issues.
Comment:  Instead of "motivated" consider :
suddenly realize or become aware how differently their Web pages are
rendered for
individuals  with disabilities or by assistive technologies.

I think when I demo  Web surfing with    a screen reader or show a Web page
with colors
turned off, etc., it is a more of an eye-opener for the audience. I will not
agree everyone
or most are "motivated" after the demo. Many question the  statistics of
PWD,  the business
benefits or the extra efforts needed or the learning they need to do.

3. I think the document needs to highlight that  the developers get a
realistic feel of how content is rendered to PWD and how the AT devices most
likely being used in the target-population render the content. Yes,
developers should code as per "accessibility techniques and guidelines" but
if certain techniques are better supported     than others, they should use
those techniques. Developers need to be aware that the content accessed by a
PWD using AT depends on the interoperability of the At devices in addition
to  that of coding practices and the browser.
As with any product, user testing is the ultimate  test of usability. So it
is for Web content and testing with PWD. The proof of the pudding lies in
the eating!
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> I completed edits from last Friday's EOWG teleconference to the "Involving
Users in Evaluating Web Accessibility" document at:
> I think it is now near ready to call Version 1.0 done. The content is all
in place and all that is needed is a minor copyedit with a fresh
perspective. Next steps for EOWG are:
> 1. final EOWG review (via e-mail, I hope it won't need another
teleconference discussion)
> 2. EOWG participants in good standing approve document via Call for Review
survey form ("WBS")
> ***REPLY REQUESTED: If possible, I'd like to get step 1 completed by this
coming Wednesday and be able to wrap up step 2 the next week. Please reply
to this message by Wednesday 5 October stating:
> __ I reviewed the document and any comments are included below (or in a
separate e-mail)
> __ I would like to review the document but can't by Wednesday 5 Oct, I
will send comments before Monday 10 Oct
> __ I would like to review the document but can't by Monday 10 Oct, please
call me to discuss options
> __ I pass on reviewing the document
> If you have any concerns with this schedule, feel free to contact me or
Judy directly.
> Before reviewing, please see:
> * requested comment format [thanks to all who have been using this
> and note:
> - Requirements and Changelog for "Involving Users in Web Accessibility
> - links to previous versions, teleconference agendas with review
questions, and minutes from teleconferences:
> - recent edits start at:
> Thanks!
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