Agenda, EO WG meeting Friday September 15, 2000


For meeting tomorrow:

	Friday September 15, 2000
	8:30 to 10:00 a.m. US Eastern
	+1 617 252 1038

Some items carried over from last week, and some new material.
Many of these are short items for quick feedback/discussion.
Some are invitations/reminders to please send updated info.

1. Outreach updates
	please send to list in advance if possible

2. Charter update (brief)
	updated slightly, under W3M review now, not much to discuss but FYI is at
	intent will be for people to re-enroll once it has finished W3C AC review

3. Closing WAI lists to public postings/ discussion
	for spam reduction
	but using a master-accept list so some messages get through
	may mean slight delay on some messages

4. Events Calendar
	some updates made already but need to go over changes & gaps
	appears to be some formating problems on the page?
	any additional volunteers to gather listings for different countries?
	**please send events links to 
	any comments about introductory section on page?

5. References to other projects
	brainstorming about how to organize (much more & newer) info on
Web-accessibility related projects in different types of organizations & in
different countries, e.g.
		--by country? 
		--by corporate/research/disability org/government/other?
		--some other method of organizing?
	**please send project links to with "References" in
subject line

6. A look at "another project" info listing
	William has requested feedback on his site which introduces some WAI

7. WAI in ten points
	any reactions to
	see below in case you can't access the RTF-stored part of the message in
the archive

8. Agenda for EOWG face to face, Ottawa, October 5&6
	business case and...?


- Judy

[text of message on "WAI in ten points"]

Greetings (name?),
I have cross-posted this to the Education and Outreach Working Group 
for their interest as well.
- Judy
At 10:35 PM 9/11/00 +0200, seeman wrote: 

Following the action item for looking at "xml in ten points" and write
something similar - the why of the WIA. It might be a bit too informal, but
a possible starting point 

The web accessibility guidelines exists because:

Not all output devices are the same

A screen reader will not read pictorial content, neither will an internet

Not all input devices are the same

Keypads, keyboards, mouse, viva la difference 

Not all systems are the same

And I'm not just talking about Netscape and Microsoft

Not all people are the same

Some folks are learning disables, some are visually challenged, You
probably have a few friends who are color impaired, some are sensitive to
flashing screens;

But all this does not have to be a problem

Because we are working to make the web, all the information, and all the
fun, accessible to all. 

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