Re: suggestion on charter


Good point. I missed this in my charter update earlier this week, so you
will not see it in the linked version from the agenda, but I will make it
before it finishes W3M review early next week.

- Judy

At 07:57 AM 9/8/00 -0600, Lila Laux wrote:
>In the Scope part of the EO Charter, in the first bullet it says one of
>our functions is "to advise on user-friendly presentation of other
>groups' work."  As a human factors and HCI professional, my feeling is
>that the term "user-friendly" is hackneyed and often misunderstood.  I
>suggest changing this to "to advise on presentation of other groups' to
>assure that their web sites are both accessible to and usable by people
>with disabilities".  Accessible comes first (a necessary prerequisite),
>but doesn't insure usability by any means.  Usability is important to
>all groups and is independant of accessibility - but, there may be
>different requirements to make an interface usable by people using any
>assistive technology.
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